my new blog! follow me please, i will barely post here (louannahwalkerson) anymore

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Anonymous: you should use the url walkercrew :) 


help me choose url please?

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Anonymous: Hey, I think the song 'When it was me" by Paula DeAnda is a good song for Hannah, Louis and El. What do you think? :) 

love it:)

Anonymous: i honestly think louis looked way happier with hannah, and not only that but she is 10x more gorgeous than eleanor, nothing against her but i just think hannah is stunning, and she seems to have a better personality, not that i know either of them personally, but she just comes off cooler. i mean i ship larry and i'd still love to see a louannah reunion. 

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hi lovelies!

i don’t know if someone would actually reply to this or someone is still not hating me or something since i have been 9304823 days without posting but i would like to become a hannah walker blog, like only for her not louannah; since even though i miss it, louannah was a relationship that sadly ended but hannah is still perfect, so yeah

it wouldn’t be a style blog, it would be just for photos of hannah and stuff 

this girl gave me the idea in my larry blog {staylarry} so maybe i search for a co-owner but i don’t know

by the way i don’t know if i should make it in this blog or i should do another one just for hannah? idk tell me your thoughts lol 

would you help me choosing an url or giving me another one you like?:)

  • hannahwalkr
  • walkercrew
  • hannahwalkur
  • lovelywalker
  • stayhannah

pleaseeeeee??? xx


  • i also have the url obeywalker

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lovinglouiscarrot: post/32592776861/if-you-ever-cared-about-this-blog-please-read i'm going to cry :'c you are perfect and your blog is it too. every day i enter to your blog 'cause you're the only person who understands my feels. i'm gonna miss you so much, babe. it was a pleasure meet you ♥ you will always be in my heart. bye... 

ohhh thanks you so much you dont have to miss me, you have my other blog and you can talk to me whenever you want and we can sob over louannah, dont talk like we won’t talk to each other again please babe:c 

Anonymous: please never leave us we need yooou, i'll miss this blog soo much if it goes.... dont leave i can become a very annoying anon hehe :) anyways you are awesome thank you for helping my louannah heart with fanfictions and edits. Looove yoou xx 

are you my anonnn??? the anon that always sent me things?:o aw i wont leave you bby you have my other blog 

spr1n-kles: I'll never forget you, I loved your sarcasm (': 

i love you:)

boobear-janoskians-forever: I didn't forget about you. <3 love you x 

i love you too <3

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louisfablinson: i'm going to miss this blog so much omfg </3 

this blog is going to miss you :)

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